auction acres

"Auction Acres" Auction Facility

Choice is yours! We conduct auctions at your site of ours at Auction Acres which is located at 22300 US Rt. 23 midway between Chillicothe & Circleville and apx. 20 miles south of Columbus. Stanley & Son, Inc. Auction Facility is surrounded by concrete & asphalt and utilized for antiques and business liquidations. The second building is apx. 60’X120’, and 14’ high for equipment and vehicles storage/sales. This building allows our clients the option of indoor or outdoor storage and indoor equipment sales.

mobile auctions

On-Site Two (2) Bluebird Mobile Offices

Auctions conducted on your site will be handled & conducted within the privacy of either of the two Bluebird Wanderlodge Coach Mobile Offices. The “Travel ‘N Gavel” is equipped with computers for clerking, cashiering, and bidder registration, cellular fax machines, and telephone which enables us to conduct your auction on-site thus giving you the advantage of letting the property show its natural beauty and amenities by conducting the auction on-site. The wireless computerized clerking system allows flexibility and movement to any location. The privacy of these Mobile Offices also allows us to confidentially work out “on the spot” issues & finalize issues in an atmosphere controlled environment. While conducting on-site auctions, arrangements from display tables, catering, tents, etc. can be made to accommodate the needs of those who attend. The choice is yours!

bid it up

Mobile Auction Block to "BID-IT-UP"

Kawasaki Mule is a 4X4 mobile Auction Block equipped with a Wireless Computerized Clerking/Buyer Registration System. The biggest advantage is that this unit allows our Auctioneers to catch bids and auction from a better advantage point. Being higher above the crowd, we can travel up and down lines of farm equipment, automobiles or construction equipment as we are selling.

Wireless Computerized Clerking System

Two Mobile Wireless Auction Clerking Stations are provided to on-site auctions which allows our staff to transmit sales up to a half mile away from the Travel ‘N Gavel. Our buyer registration is also computerized which allows Stanley & Son, Inc. the ability to register up to four buyers are one time.