I have worked with Henry Stanley and the staff of Stanley & Son, Inc. for over 5 years. Mr. Stanley has performed a variety of appraisals and auctions for my clients, including real estate, heavy commercial equipment, motor vehicles, general business assets, computer equipment, industrial equipment, and light business/office equipment. In every instance, I have found Henry Stanley and Stanley & Son, Inc. to be professional, courteous, thorough, detail-oriented, and experiences, and their auctions have achieved excellent results. In addition, I have added respect for Mr. Stanley in that on several occasions he has excercised his professional judgment to his personal economic detriment by advising my clients not to auction collateral for the reason that an auction would likely result in expenses exceeding revenues and would not be economically feasible. In most of these instances, he has assisted my clients in otherwise disposing of these assets, resulting in net proceeds for my clients.

I highly recommend Henry Stanley and Stanley & Son, Inc. in most any disposition of propery.

Michael J. Barren